The Importance of Positive Talk

self talk is important

We all experience that voice in our heads, the voice that speaks unsolicited. The voice that either makes you feel better or worse. Based on research that voice is developed during your toddler-adolescent years. They say if your childhood environment was positive then that voice will also be positive, however; if it was negative then you've got some work to do to change it.  

It's no secret that the biggest battle you will ever fight, is the one against yourself, and positive self-talk is essential to winning that battle every time. Regardless of your childhood, you are in control of you, therefore you can change ANYTHING within yourself. 

Mastering positive talk will make you joyful, confident, motivated, and productive. Positive self-talk will help you better navigate the emotional lows that we all experience. You will be able to cope with hardships quickly, and solve challenges effortlessly; reducing the harmful effects of stress and anxiety. 

The brain has Nero-pathways, think of them as literal paths in the dirt, if you walk the same pathway every day it will be worn and clearly shown; on the opposite, if you decide to walk a new path, it will take time for the path to be worn and clearly show. This is the way your brain works! You have pathways that you have been walking down for years, and it will be challenging to take another path, but after some time the new path will be worn and clearly shown and the old path will be covered and of the past.

Practicing positive self-talk will be challenging in the beginning, but with consistency, it will become your new normal!  

11 Positive Self-Talk Tips:

  • When you have a negative thought, flip it to be positive immediately! 

  • Say 10 nice things to yourself every day (affirmations)

  • Always find the humor, find a reason to laugh every day

  • Remind yourself of all that you have

  • Say thank you all the time

  • Adopt an "it is what it is" attitude

  • There is power in your words, you are powerful so watch what you say

  • Apologize to yourself when you say something bad about yourself

  • Don't dwell in the past, always redirect your mind to making the present moment better

  • Constantly visually your success, talk to yourself about what it will feel like

  • Limit the social media scrolling, comparing yourself is not healthy 

Be loving to yourself! You are your home, always take care of you. Positive self-talk will help you become all that you wish to be. There is so much power in words, so be aware of what you say and think because it will affect your life. 

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Until next time, take care, relax, and own your power. 





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