Fact or Fiction: Candle Edition

Candles are an all time favorite, but how much do you actually know about them? Here are some interesting candle facts.

Three wick candles burn longer - FACT

  • Three wick candles do extend the life of the candle, because they have a higher likelihood to burn evenly across instead of tunneling like a single wick candle. The wax gets hot fast enough, thus an even burn and a longer lasting candle.

Soy wax is better than Paraffin wax - FICTION

  • Regardless of the wax type, if a candle is made with quality then the candle will burn the same. However, soy wax has eco-friendly benefits.

It takes 1 billion pounds of wax to make all the candles in the USA - FACT

  • An estimated 1 billion pounds of wax is sold in the USA to make candles a year. Isn't that crazy? It is pretty hard to visualize what a billion pounds of anything looks like, but I am imagining a lot!

Freezing a candle will make it last longer - FICTION

  • Freezing a candle can makes the wax crack, and a cracked candle will not burn evenly or at all. This will ultimately just damage the candle.

Candles are good for you - FACT

It takes 2 weeks to make a candles - FICTION

  • It only takes 4-24 hours to make and cool a candle, depending on the wax or wax-blend type. However, you should let a candle sit with it's lid for two weeks... this will ensure a higher fragrance throw when finally burning.

There is not a ‘best’ wax to use for candle making - FACT

  • When created in high-quality format, all waxes and wax-blends will have a long, clean burn. Selecting a wax type will depend on specific qualities you want in the candle.
We hope these candle facts were interesting! Until next time... Happy candle burning!

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